5 Types of Belly Fat and Ways to Melt it

By Chanchala Bose

Belly fat is one of the most common concern in ladies and we all know that reducing belly fat is not easy. But, you need to do something or the other to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. Have you done a lot of research on how to reduce the belly fat and have done a number of things also to reduce that belly fat? But, you haven’t succeeded to reduce that unwanted flab from your body? This is because there are different types of belly fat in your body. So, all of them require different ways to remove them.

5 Types of Belly Fat and Ways to Melt it5

Thus, without further delay let’s have a look at what are the different belly fats and how to remove them.

1. Subcutaneous Fat:

This is the fat which is visible in your lower body area. We are talking about the fat around your waistline, upper thighs and the hip area. From the health point of view, this fat is not that bad but of course, it wreaks havoc on your outlook and physical appearance. And, can you believe this is one of the easiest fat to get rid of?

  • Do 30-50 waist circles every day.
  • Do running, cycling, jogging or any other exercises that tone your thighs.
  • Always sit straight.
  • Do some stretching exercise.
  • Also, try butterfly yoga to tone your thighs and hips.

5 Types of Belly Fat and Ways to Melt it3

2. Low Belly Fat:

This is one of the most common and is also called as the soft stomach. This issue is faced by many and is mostly because of the digestive issues or wrong eating habits. But, with moderate exercise and proper eating habits and minor lifestyle changes you can resolve this. Also, it has also been observed that if you don’t take this condition seriously then it can cause serious issues later.

  • Avoid Fatty and oily foods.
  • Try to do pranayama or exercises which target on your lower belly.
  • Sit straight and stand straight too.
  • Also, do some core building exercises.
  • Incorporate some stretching exercise in your routine.
  • Do a good 30 minute running on a treadmill.

5 Types of Belly Fat and Ways to Melt it

3. Punctured Tired Belly Fat:

This is the obese condition of where your belly is all rounded and is off the limits of your body. This is due to very poor eating habits, too much consumption of sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

  • Avoid sugar based products, junk food, alcohol and deep fried foods.
  • Involve in a serious exercise routine.
  • Get into a protein and healthy diet.
  • Healthy lifestyle changes are a must.
  • Go for regular health check-ups.

5 Types of Belly Fat and Ways to Melt it4

4. Visceral Abdominal Fat:

This is the tiny mini fat which is invisible but can be seen only by the person having it. You can feel this fat inside your and in the midst of your skirt too.

  • Avoid skipping meals.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Limit sugar and alcohol intake.

5 Types of Belly Fat and Ways to Melt it2

5. Bloated and Distended Belly:

These are more or less indicative of digestive disorders and should be corrected as soon as possible or can lead to serious health disorders.

  • Eat a balanced diet with lots of protein and herbs.
  • Regular body movement.
  • Light exercises.
  • Every day jogging.

5 Types of Belly Fat and Ways to Melt it1


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