5 Ways To Stay on Track With Your Health and Fitness Goals


1. Find a Workout Buddy

Having a workout buddy who will exercise with you and keep you motivated can help you to stick with your fitness routine. Grab a few girlfriends and go on morning walks, or join a local weekly bootcamp. Skipping a scheduled exercise day is a lot more difficult when you have a partner relying on you.

For the rest of you like myself who prefer to exercise alone (the headphones on, world out, don’t talk to me, I’m focusing type) then consider picking up a set of good headphones to pump up your workouts – it can make the world of difference!

2. Prep Your Food

I never prep my meals for days in advance for one main reason – I hate the taste of reheated meals, especially chicken and green vegetables after they have been frozen. It definitely doesn’t help keep me on track! I prefer to have food prepped in the fridge and ready to eat such as chopped raw vegetables, eggs, shredded chicken, brown rice and salad. I have my Colourful Summer Salad in the fridge at all times. It is so easy to add with a protein for a meal or snack, and having a salad prepped and ready stops me from reaching for other unhealthy options. Do what works for you.

3. Don’t Overthink It

Ever notice that the harder you try to lose the weight or get to that next level, the further away the goal seems? Many people (including myself) encounter this problem. You plan your workouts, plan your meals, plan your exercise, track your calories, wonder if you are doing the right exercise and stressing if you have done enough to see the scale go down. Sometimes it can all get too much and we forget to actually live and enjoy the journey. This may be different for everyone, but for me, I find I lose weight easier and am happier when I don’t plan everything, when I don’t track calories (just make healthy choices 80% of the time) and don’t stress about food or exercise. Find your happy balance and stop overthinking it, you may find you stress less and enjoy it much more.

4. Write it Down

Whether you want to lose 10 or 20 pounds or make it your goal to be in the gym at least two or three days a week, list your top 5 health and fitness goals on paper along with a detailed plan with specific steps toward reaching them. Then, regularly refer to that paper each day. Keep copies of it in your car, on your desk at work, on the refrigerator, in your bedroom, on the bathroom mirror — anywhere that serves as a constant reminder. I discuss goal setting more in depth here.

5. Do What Works For You

The overall best way to stay on track is to do what works for you! A lot of the time people will force themselves to do a particular exercise that they don’t enjoy, just because someone said they got results from it. I know people get awesome results from Crossfit, but its not something that I enjoy so I am not going to force my way through it. Our bodies all respond differently to different things, and that includes exercise. Don’t struggle through workouts you don’t enjoy, because if you don’t enjoy it then you won’t stick with it long-term. Just do what works for you!

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