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Smooth Refreshing Smoothies

smoothies to loose weight

More people today are discovering the healthy benefits of drinking a delicious, refreshing smoothie for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Instead of soda pop at your next meal or diet cola, consider whipping up a smoothie made with fresh fruit, yogurt, skim milk or juice. Smoothies will give you a real energy boost and are healthier […]

Juicing Is Nutritious And Tasty. Get Started Today!

juicing weight loss

Juicing is a great way to create natural beverages from fruits and vegetables so you can get their flavors and nutrients in liquid form. But knowing how to do it is essential, lest you drink the wrong things or make a mess in your kitchen. Follow the advice in the next few paragraphs for success […]

How Juicing Can Help Anyone With A Healthier Diet

health benefits of juicing

Juicing provides many health benefits to people. By juicing foods, people can get a full serving of fruits and vegetables in something as small as a glass. Juicing not only fulfills this food necessity, but also includes all of the vitamins that are normally discarded with food waste. For more tips on juicing, continue reading […]

Take The Mystery Out Of Juicing With These Tips

Green smoothie with apples,parsley,spinach,cucumber,lime and min

“Eat your vegetables, dear”. Who hasn’t heard that age-old command at the table? If it is difficult for you to imagine eating such large quantities of fresh fruits every day, then take a look at the nutritious juicing ideas here. Always choose ripe and sweet apples for your juices. If you are going to use […]

Peanut Butter, Banana & Lollipop Kale Smoothie

peanut butter banana smoothie

Hello, Nadia here with another great, and shall we say exclusive smoothie idea I’m pretty excited about this one, but there’s a chance you won’t even be able to make it, so elusive is one of the ingredients!  You might say, “Nadia, what is this mission-impossible smoothie you speak of?”  Ok, ok, I’m not gonna […]

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