Cellulite And Stress

I don’t think of myself as a stressed out person, but I do have to say that there are times when I have felt like Earth was probably not the best planet to live in. Let’s face it, each one of us has at one time or another gone through things they felt they just couldn’t handle; that’s how life is. Simply put, nobody can run away from stress. This is however not to say that you should let stress take over your life. I’m sure you are wondering how cellulite and stress are connected, well that’s exactly what I want to discuss in this post: the mind-body connection between how lowering your overall stress levels can solve the age-old question of how to get rid of the cellulite on your bum.

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Most people may not know this but stress can significantly increase the risk of getting cellulite or worsen the condition for those who already have it. There are two major culprits in this particular case namely catecholamine and cortisol which are naturally occurring hormones in the body. The more stressed you are, the more of these two hormones your body will produce. During periods of heightened anxiety, adrenaline production in the body also increases. All these hormones have been linked to increased cellulite production and generally accumulation of fat in areas one wouldn’t want to have fat accumulate.

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Now here’s what you need to understand about cellulite and stress, for the latter to cause the former it needs to be sustained for a significant period of time. So if you and your better half get into a fight that lasts a few days and you get all stressed up about it you won’t necessarily be at an increased risk of developing cellulite. If on the other hand you break up with your partner and sink into a 2-month depression then that’s a different story altogether. Let it be noted however that I do not wish such a fate to befall any of my beloved readers.


It is therefore imperative that everybody learns how to manage stress. One of the easiest ways of taming stress is talking to someone. No, I’m not referring to shrinks and the like; just approach a close friend or relative and tell them what’s bothering you. They say that a problem shared is a problem half solved; believe you me, this is very true.  Is it far-fetched to say that one way, if not the best way, to get rid of cellulite naturally is to learn to control
your stress levels?  I don’t think it is.  Easier said than done, of course…

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A word of caution: do not resort to taking anti-depressants, at least not the stuff they sell in pharmacies. If you’ve read my previous posts then you know that I’m an advocate for natural solutions. In this case there are several options, I’ll give you two of my favorite namely Valerian and chamomile tea. Both these herbs contain powerful nerve-soothing properties.

So there you have it; keep stress at bay and you just might keep cellulite away.




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