Finding your Fitness Flow: How to Stay Motivated in Your Workout Routine

3. Treat yourself.

Reaching those big goals can be a reward on its own, but sometimes, you need to reward yourself for reaching smaller goals. Giving yourself small rewards when you reach smaller goals can keep your motivation high and help you stay on track. Some great non-food treats include a new single from your favorite artist, a mani-pedi or some bright, fun new workout gear from Fabletics.

4. Keep things fun.

A dreary, punishing workout might whip your body into shape quickly, but it is unlikely to keep your enthusiasm high for long. Just like you want a diet that you can maintain for life, you also want an exercise routine that you can stick with week after week. Whether you enjoy dancing, biking, climbing, lifting or jumping, there is a workout routine out there that is perfect for you.

5. Fuel your furnace.

“Hangriness,” or that notorious bad mood caused by hunger and blood sugar dips, can destroy your workout motivation. Plan a healthful diet to fuel your body and your workout. Eat small snacks before you hit the gym or the trail, and keep fresh veggies, cheese cubes, nuts, almond butter, Greek yogurt and fresh fruit on hand for fast and easy nibbling. Stock your fridge with prepared, ready-to-go food in clear containers. Stay well-hydrated, too, since dehydration often masks itself as hunger.

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