How Jess Hart Stays In Shape And Still Eats Burgers – Fitness, Sex, Health, Wellbeing & Weight Loss

Jessica Hart

Simon Upton

I don’t limit myself to any one workout…

I think it’s important to switch up your routine as your muscles get used to doing the same workouts. I work out as much as I can, especially when I have time off. I love pilates, I do spin classes, I have a personal trainer and I do yoga. My trainer [at Crunch Gym in NYC] gets me to do circuit training – burpees, lunges, sit-ups, and we use the TRX.

Growing up my favourite meal was fried food…

My mum always fed us healthy, organic food; we were never allowed white bread – it always had to be grainy, and I think at the beginning I rebelled against that and wanted all the things I wasn’t allowed to have. But it’s not long before you realise how unhealthy food makes you feel gross. I’m very much about balance today. Don’t get me wrong, I still love pizzas and burgers and I eat them, I don’t hold back, it’s just about balancing it.