Smoothies, Cellulite, & You – BFFs?

So today I was thinking about smoothies. Now I’m pretty sure you are wondering how smoothies are related to cellulite, well that’s exactly what I’d like to talk about in this post. Let’s be very clear here, I am not talking about the kind of smoothies you would find in a fast food outlet or smoothie kiosk. You know what I’m talking about; the kind that contain artificial sweeteners, high-fat milk and a bunch of other unhealthy, high-calorie stuff. If you choose to make such smoothies part of your diet, let’s just say that you and cellulite will be BFFs.

pineapple and smoothies

So what type of smoothies am I talking about? Anything that contains fruits and veggies is good for you. These are what will help you get rid of cellulite. I have always held the opinion that Mother Nature has the answers to all our problems but for some reason, humans don’t seem to be interested in what she has offer. Well, I have to tell you, if you want to rid your body of cellulite, you are going to have to embrace Mother Nature’s gifts.

The best thing about ‘smoothie therapy’ for cellulite is that there are just so many options to choose from. Here are several examples to get you started:

Pineapple and green tea smoothie
Pineapple and banana smoothie
Cucumber and spinach smoothie
Pear and ginger smoothie

peanut kale banana smoothies

Every single ingredient in the aforementioned list contains anti-cellulite properties. Let take the pear for example. It contains iodine and pectin which work together to fast track the process of toxin elimination. If you have been reading my posts then you are well aware that toxin accumulation is one of the factors that contribute to cellulite formation. Ginger promotes circulation which is essential in the battle against cellulite.  Who would have thought that getting rid of cellulite could be so tasty, yet so toxin trashing?

The banana and pineapple smoothie is without a doubt the sweetest of all the aforementioned smoothies. These two fruits are well known for their ability to combat water retention in the body. Water retention is another cellulite risk factor. Bananas also promote circulation.

The cucumber and spinach smoothie contains a healthy dose of magnesium, calcium and iodine all of which are enemies of cellulite. So as much as it may not sound like the best-tasting mixture, you can bet that it is in your best interest to drink it. My advice is that you should drink all these smoothies in their most natural form i.e. without adding any extra ingredients such as sugar or even salt.

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