Understanding Cellulite – The Collagen Connection

Because of the manner in which collagen fibers are arranged in the lower part of the female body, it becomes easier for fat cells to find a resting place so to speak. The arrangement allows easy expansion of these cells which in turn causes them to be squeezed against each other. It is this manner of fat cell packing that gives cellulite its characteristic unsightly rucked and dimpled appearance. The consequence: wearing a bikini becomes something to be avoided at all costs.

Genetics plays a major role in how collagen fibers are arranged. Some women are just luckier than others if I am to use that word. Instead of having simple vertically aligned collagen fibers, theirs is a mixture of grid and vertical fibers. Now this doesn’t mean that they are completely immune from cellulite, they are just more resistant to it. And if such women do eventually get cellulite, it will be easier for them to get rid of it.